Welcome to the Virgin Vault™!

The nickname ‘Virgin Vault’ is something my friends and I used to affectionately call our Capitol Hill home because it was a dormitory solely for young, single girls. My Virgin Vault series explores the transformation of innocent, young women starting their careers in the complex and cutthroat world of Capitol Hill.

I needed the play on words to capture the series’ essence and ‘virgin’ came to mind. A virgin conjures up the image of someone new to, or inexperienced in, a specified field as well as is synonymous with innocence. I wanted the series to be loosely based upon my first impression of working on Capitol Hill, complete with a smoking hot romance.

The TALES FROM THE VIRGIN VAULT series grapples with issues such as: leaving home, making grown up decisions, trusting yourself out in the ‘real world,’ your first real job, tackling valid decisions such as sex before matrimony, vacillating between missing your family and hating them for making you strike out on your own, etc.

I’d love to give away a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate to a commenter. Remember, if you comment on my blog, in addition for a chance to win the $10 Amazon.com gift card just by commenting on this blog post, you are automatically awarded one entry into my next giveaway – see my FUN STUFF section for more details!

Tell me—what was it like to move away from home and embark on your first career job? Did you ever have second thoughts? What pushed your buttons to make you toughen it out or flee the scene and return to your friends and family? What tempted you to walk on the wild side and embark on such an exciting adventure in the first place? Did your parents make you do it or did you have a burning desire to pursue a career that would lead you down a new path away from the familiar?

One commenter will be randomly selected to win. Winner will be posted on my blog so check back often.

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