Maggie Award for Excellence Finalists Announced on July 1st

Today is a GREAT day.

Why? It’s almost time to announce the Maggie Award for Excellence finalists!

As Maggie Chair, I’m working with the Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie Committee to review the Maggie scores and prepare for the BIG announcement on July 1.

Stay tuned to see which published authors and unpublished writers will become finalists in GRW’s Maggie Award for Excellence contest.

Why is this contest so special? Each entry receives three judges. In the Published Maggies, either acquiring librarians or booksellers judge each entry. In the Unpublished Maggies, three published authors judge each entry, and then finalists go through another round of judging with either acquiring agents or editors.

Winners will be announced at the Georgia Romance Writers’ Moonlight & Magnolia conference this fall.

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