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Hey y’all! Here you will find information regarding free giveaways, how to become a member of my Street Team—Christina’s Carinas, and other cool stuff related to writing.

Giveaways! I love free stuff!

I seek your encouragement and support. Below are opportunities to win free stuff!

1.  Please stalk me online! I would love to connect with you!







Goodreads: coming soon

Amazon Author Page: coming soon

The Fine Print:

Each social media location you connect with me—and you tell me you are a fan—gives you an additional entry into my latest giveaway! The more you do…the greater the chance of winning the newest giveaway.


  • Email me (and let me know you are a fan) is one entry.
  • Sign up for my newsletter is an added entry.
  • Follow me on Twitter (and mention you are a fan) is another entry.
  • Like me on Facebook (and post that you are a fan) is yet additional entry.
  • If you comment in response to one of my blog posts, a tweet, or a Facebook post – you will receive an entry for each respective post you undertake (example – this could effectively give you three additional chances simply by rendering your fantastic opinion on something I posted initially).
  • If you retweet one of my tweets – you will receive an entry.

Check back often for awesome giveaways like gift cards, SWAG, copies of books, and even a Kindle Fire giveaway!

Newest Giveaways:

  • 500 Likes on Facebook and 500 Followers on Twitter:
    • Connect with my social media (see the fine print outlined above) to enter into this giveaway for a brand new KINDLE FIRE!
  • Blog:
    • A $10 gift card to Simply comment on my blog – one random person will receive a $10 gift card to (Minimum 10 entries required.)

2. Join my Street Team: CHRISTINA’S CARINAS!

  • Do you run a book review blog?
  • Do you love to read romance novels?
  • Do you like my writing?

If you answered, “Oh, yeah!” to any of the above (especially that last one) then you should join my street team, CHRISTINA’S CARINAS! Because being in my Street Team means you are a shining star and the keel of my ship—joining will rock your world, I promise you. I know getting to know you sure will rock mine!

Being one of the dedicated CHRISTINA’S CARINAS will give you opportunities like:

  • Elite blog button that identifies you as a CHRISTINA’S CARINA so that everyone will know you are a shining star.
  • Exclusive info on story excerpts and advance book details that you can post on your social media such as your blog, Facebook, Twitter.
  • ARC’s — You will receive these before anyone else does!
  • Special prizes and giveaways available only to CHRISTINA’S CARINAS team members. First giveaway is a Kindle Fire—details to follow.
  • SWAG—a yummy package of goodies—need I say more?!
  • Invite to Christina’s special Facebook group specifically for her CARINAS to chat with her and other totally awesome shining stars.
  • Select opportunities to host Christina on a blog tour or interview.
  • Chance to win a book dedication or special shout-out in the acknowledgments.
  • Opportunity to name a character in one of Christina’s books!

Here are a few things you can do as a member of the Street Team: CHRISTINA’S CARINAS.

You do not have to do all the below, as these are just suggestions. However, whatever you can do to help spread the word about me—Christina Crayn—is much appreciated. Remember, the key is to have fun!

Most importantly, please do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Your support means the world to me.


  • Feature Christina interviews, reviews, excerpts, and covers on your social media and blog. I have a press kit in my ABOUT available to help you!
  • Feature Christina’s video trailer(s) via your blog and social media.
  • Share your honest review of Christina book(s) via Amazon, Itunes, Goodreads, etc. If you like it – please recommend it!
  • “Like” Christina’s Facebook page.
  • Follow Christina on Twitter.
  • Retweet Christina Twitter posts – spread the word!
  • Comment on a Christina blog if a post inspires you!

In Person

  • Talk the books up and share promo material with friends and family!
  • If you have a book club, please let me know! I can send you SWAG like bookmarks.
  • Buy Christina Crayn’s book the first week of release, which helps it place on the bestseller lists.
  • Ask your local library to order Christina Crayn books. Give the librarians the title, name and publisher of each book.
  • If Christina Crayn books are not on the store shelves, ask the bookseller to order it.
  • Take promo materials sent to you to and place them with the booksellers. You can leave them with libraries and even at coffee shops!

Please spread the word!

Here is how to become a member of my Street Team: CHRISTINA’S CARINAS.

Please fill out the information below and be sure to include the following if able:

  • Are you on any other Street Teams?
  • What are your favorite books?
  • Are you on social media? If so, what are your numbers? Don’t worry if you are relatively new to social media or are working to increase your numbers – it’s your enthusiasm and energy that makes you an attractive, active member of the team!
  • Do you have connections with local groups or organizations that you believe you could tap into to help promote my book and me? List them.
  • What ideas do YOU have to help promote me and my book that you’d be willing to spearhead?

Thank you for joining Christina’s Carinas! I am excited to work with you!

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